Writers in Africa & Middle East


  • Writer, Africa and Middle East
    Austin Tebogo Moyo

    Austin Tebogo Moyo is a self-motivated media practitioner with much interest in getting involved in facilitating, planning, implementing community development projects, monitoring and evaluating applied management intervention of community development performance and results oriented able to work on my own initiative to meet challenging deadline and objectives without losing focus.

  • Writer, Africa
    Deogracias Benjamin Kalma

    Deogracias Benjamin Kalima is a Malawian independent professional journalist and Social Researcher based in Malawi’s commercial hub of Blantyre. He specializes in solution journalism focusing on rural livelihoods. His articles have appeared in JournAfrica (www.journafrica.de) in the German media, Earth Island Journal of the USA (www.earthisland.org) and Rural Reporters online of Nigeria (www.ruralreporters.com) .

  • Writer, Africa
    Deborah Ohanma

    Deborah Ohanma is a graduate of National Diploma in Marketing Management and Bachelor of Commerce in Logistics Management from the University of Johannesburg with a flare for sharing content that is meaningful and uplifting. My passion and idea is Turning small words into big stories.

  • Editor of REORIENT Magazine
    Joobin Bekhrad

    An award-winning writer, Joobin Bekhrad (BBA, MSc.) is the founder and Editor of REORIENT (www.reorientmag.com), a publication celebrating contemporary Middle Eastern arts and culture, and is currently serving as the Guest Editor of Columbia University’s Columbia Journal. He has contributed to such publications as the Cairo Review of Global Affairs, The Economist, The Guardian, Aesthetica, Artsy, Christie’s, Encyclopaedia Iranica, Harper’s Bazaar Art Arabia, Canvas, and Songlines, been interviewed by news outlets such as Newsweek and the CBC, and seen his articles translated into Persian, Arabic, Italian, Russian, and Chinese, among other languages. Primarily writing about visual art, literature, music, and film, many of his articles focus on subjects such as identity, Persian culture, and the experience of living in the Iranian diaspora. In 2015, Joobin was granted an International Award for Art Criticism (IAAC) by London’s Royal College of Art. He is also the author of a new translation of Omar Khayyam’s poems from Persian into English, the foreword to 'Afro-Iran', and 'Coming Down Again', a forthcoming novella.

  • Writer, Africa
    Eliza Day
  • Writer, Africa
    Kelvin Tembo
  • Writer, Africa
    Khanya Ngumbela

    Born in a small town in rural Eastern Cape Khanya Ngumbela was scouted by a modeling agency whilst on her gap year in Paris. She soon moved down to Cape Town to pursue a career in the Film and TV industry and quickly gained the attention of multiple major clients. After working as a presenter and model Khanya took a keen interest in the departments working behind the scenes. She grew as a photographer, retoucher, writer, cinematographer, editor and director and is currently doing her final year, in Cape Town, towards a bachelor’s degree in Motion Picture Medium.

  • Writer, Africa
    Lelemma Chukwu

    I am an Accountant turned entrepreneur. As a fashion designer and a writer I have come to realize that adding picture to words will give it a clearer view.

  • Writer, Africa and Middle East
    Mariam Emily Adama
  • Writer, Africa and Middle East
    Michela Tucci

    Michela Natalina Tucci is a South African Italian Business Devleopment Manager residing in Dubai, UAE. She is incredibly passionate about she does: assisting brands/ people/ companies realise their UniqueSellingPoints by taking their clutter, thoughts, and turning it into a
BEAUTIFUL marketable COMBINATION- their brand.
 When she was about ten years old she decided to rename herself MIXABELLA. This name is derived from my real name Michela and means: a beautiful combination!!! This is name better defines her, because it talks to the accumulation of interests and skills, which are her brand- USPs. She was raised by her father who is an ex-restauranteur and multinational businessman, and mother who has a clothing boutique on the premises of a family run hairdresser. She was early exposed and taught how to utilize and respond to the world of social networking. Her Dad always said to her “you are ITALIAN, your strengths are to: Inspire, Transform, Analyze, Listen, Innovate, Articulate and NETWORK baby NETWORK!!!!! Relationships are Everything so be so nice to
Everyone.” Her mother always said to her “you are also SOUTH AFRICAN, learn how to: Solicit, Observe, Utilize, Translate, Help, as well as Administer, Facilitate, Review, Initiate, Communicate, Assign and Negotiate- learn to manipulate language like it is your lover!!!!” Resultantly, a global citizen was given life! A second of her life has not and will not be wasted, and day-by-day she is dedicated myself to the world of people, products and possibilities! Michela studied Law at the University of Johannesburg and Dramatic Arts. She is also passionate about: literatures, genres, histories, cultures, religions, trends, fashions, styles, countries, languages, practices, psychologies, technologies, markets, brands, and economic trends. She has spent summers in Europe and all over Africa and interned in all of the family run businesses She lived in Los Angeles networking and went on exchange to France to learn language and independence.

  • Writer, Africa
    Nyashadee Shasha

    Zimbabwean born, based in the fast lane life of Johannesburg South Africa. Publicist to a designer, freelance writer and upcoming author, passionately driven to be the best in her lane. Raised in a fashion background, a tailor mother, designer sister, and a child model brother, it was inevitable for Nyashadee to pave her path in the fashion circles. Presently working towards prominence as a Publicist and fashion media personality, all roads lead to the top for this passionate and fiest writer.

  • Writer, Africa and Middle East
    Ojile King Abuh

    Am a writer from Nigeria and a great motivator.