Welum Team


  • Director of Business Operations
    Gabriele Sportolettibusiness@welum.com
  • Cooperation Manager and Founder of Welum
    Brit Kongstadcoop@welum.com
  • Copyeditor
    Zoey Brandtcopyeditor@welum.com
  • Art Director
    Bo Sorensengraphics@welum.com
  • Webmaster
    Poonam Thorupinfo@welum.com
  • PR and Communication Manager
    Jessiee Jeyezpress@welum.com
  • Creative Director
    Sara B√łghproduction@welum.com
  • Welum Talent Scout
    Gabriella Tipsatalent@welum.com

    Makeup artist born and raised in copenhagen. based in cph and NY represented by Divamodels.com info fashion, beauty, commercial, film, show and underwater. inspired from uniqness in every form love creativity. always looking for innovation in art .


  • Editor and PR, Magazine and Books
    Gabriele Sportolettiasia@welum.com

    Italian, living since 10 years in China where i founded some companies for developing fashion accessories outsourcing (Camille Enterprise Ltd) and for distributing international brands into the chinese market (La Galleria Shanghai Fashion Club and MiSHowroom Shanghai) . Always involved in fashion biz in Europe, USA and now Asia. Speaking Italian, English, Spanish some mandarin.

  • Editor and PR, Magazine and Books
    Lizet Esquivelle@welum.com

    12 years of experience with media, internal communications, PR agencies, corporate public relations and government, event management, culture management, customer service and experience working for VIPS, expert organizing fashions shows in different countries.

  • Editor and PR, Magazine and Books
    Becky Yeeby@welum.com
  • Editor and PR, Magazine and Books
    Cecilia Blackcb@welum.com

    Cecilia Black, is a profound and accomplished " Great Dane " . Educated in Behavioral Psycology. She has been in the entertainment industry for nearly 10 years, as a well known international Actress, later Author, and now Writer for Welum, and NYC Entrepreneur Magazine. Later this year, her psychological book will be published, containing her personal story, spiced with an opinion on modern society and how abnormal psychology is defined. Currently she is also developing a personally inspired fashion design, while exploring her fascination for Art. With a spiritual mindset, she has since childhood, had great passion for Science, Mythology and Ancient history, born a Clairsentient, she collaborated with the university of Paranormal, in London, doing research on scientifically documented proof of paranormal activity.

  • Editor, Flash Channel
    Victoria Celestevc@welum.com
  • Editor, Gallery Room
    Birralee Paitsonbp@welum.com