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    lilly mark

    Law students who want to study first-class should not take notes. In school, the students don’t learn how they should study, leading them towards a default position. The student’s study depends on reading, underlining, highlighting, writing lectures, summarizing books, or memorizing notes. It is a very passive way to learn anything. There are a lot of studies that indicate that it is an ineffective way of studying or revising. They require multiple tasks to complete, so students should learn the best steps of learning or revising.
    New law students are struggling with precision and revision. The law students do not have the proper guidance on how to learn several materials. They can get proper guidance about their study or writing tasks through law assignment writing service uk. There are two steps for effective learning that students should follow. First, they need to understand the material and content. Secondly, they need to adopt a process in which they can remember this content. The key points of good learning are understanding and remembering, that will leads you towards a better exam performance.

    Lila Kerr

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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