Di Garbi


On a Quest // Through a Picture // In a Sound


Pianist, singer, composer, mixing artist and now filmmaker Di Garbi will unorthodoxly invite all old and new fans to join her newest creation "On a Quest // Through a Picture // In a Sound" – a mix between soulful contemporary music and the art of cinema.



The first track and film “This Eternal Night” launched Christmas 2016





Celebrated musician Di Garbi is starting on a journey where she unconventionally will combine music and movie production into a larger all encompassing project: "On a Quest // Through a Picture // In a Sound". Her latest album The Monologue Part of the Program, is an expression of an entire Di Garbi universe, where music, sound, and film all merge to tell the innermost secrets of this titillating multi-artist and her work.  

“On a Quest // Through a Picture // In a Sound” takes us on a journey through the 5 tracks of the album The Monologue Part of The Program, each accompanied by its own cinematic visual piece. The songs and films will be launched throughout the year of 2017, culminating in one large work of cinema and music of 50 minutes duration. This project is inspired by Di Garbi’s own personal journey through states of being. Each track and film is based on an emotion: Sorrow, Closure, Hate, Love, and Lust. Going back to authentic creation of sound and a conscious mindset.

“I wanted to produce a story based conceptual album, […] without noise from others. Just the inner voice ruling and permitting myself to work from there”, Di Garbi explains. “On my album I work with grand piano and effects in layers, long notes, reverb, and an original eventide effects processor that makes the most heavenly sounds. I make 3 recordings from different pianos and mix the sounds to create the perfect one […]. The piano is the backbone of the entire album and when I hear the sound of the wood, the chords, I’m instantly home”.

The first track and film “This Eternal Night” will be launched December 25th 2016 on welum.com. A teaser will be available on Welum social media already today, and an article about the artist will be published on welum.com December 23rd. A second film will follow up the launch of the first track in reality the ending of “This Eternal Night”, as a New Year surprise in early January, to kick of “On a Quest // Through a Picture // In a Sound” and its realization in 2017. A cinematic interview/documentary portrait with Di Garbi will launch in February 2017, along with the launch of the next track in the series.

As we follow the “On a Quest // Through a Picture // In a Sound”, the launch of each new track and film, throughout 2017, the final project slowly comes to life. The films for each track build up to the grand finale in Autumn 2017, where “On a Quest // Through a Picture // In a Sound” culminates in a huge personal installment in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Di Garbi will perform her entire album, to the visuals of the final film, for an exclusive audience. The film will thereafter enjoy theatrical release and run the festival circuit.

“On a Quest // Through a Picture // In a Sound” can be tracked here on welum.com/di-garbi. The site follows up on all parts of the project and will display not only the music and films, but will go behind the artist and give a fantastic insight into the evolution of the album and film, with updates and links to all the activities, special interviews, articles, and behind the scenes material.





Di Garbi, music's independent Rapunzel, is ready with her first solo album ' The Monologue Part of the Program ' - an album created at the mercy of emotions.

The album is a direct testimony of the battle through powerful infatuation, endless love, a great loss and a sorrow as deep as the grave. 

One can expect a cinematic perceptual experience from one of Denmark's most original artists.

2 years ago Di Garbi released a musical art film in Danish cinema, and was amongst other media promoted in Elle Magazine and also caught the attention of the Danish film industry as well as international interest.

This experience catapulted her into creating an entire universe for “The Monologue Part of the Program”, where the whole album will be accompanied by a cinematic music-film. This project “On a Quest, In a Picture, Through a Sound”, will be an exploration of sound and visuals launched one track at a time throughout 2017.

Her live performance is like the rest of the Di Garbi Universe, at once sensually primal, elegant, cinematically seductive and confrontational - her great passion for hardware is apparent, from the grand piano picked up in Berlin, to synths, her Eventide harmonizer and the Juno taken over from The Knife - but at the centre of it all is her voice.

Singer, composer, producer, engineer and filmmaker Di Garbi has been into every corner of her innermost being to create this piece of work, and it's not just with songs, but landscapes of the darkest dark and beautiful light in compositions, mixing classic themes and electronic tension. Therefore, the album can be heard as one long mix and it is created completely by her.

She has a rare sense of what lies beyond words, and abstract details, which places the listener in its´ beauty and depth. A beauty filled with ominous dark and a deep desire, which is almost tangible.

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