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Ally Friedmann is a fashion photographer and makeup from Cape Town, South Africa. Having a solid grounding in the art of photography from days spent studying at the world renowned Vega Institute where she specialized and centered her focus around fashion photography, exploring her passion in the art of fashion design and photography and where they culminate through the lens. After having graduated in Johannesburg, Ally moved to the beautiful picturesque city of Cape Town, where she would continue her studies and further her passion for the fashion world in the form of makeup and special effects. Ally is currently doing work around the globe, having recently shot along the South East Asian coast where she delved into her second long-time passion – Travel Photography. Presently, Ally is exploring the Middle East in Israel where she is focused intensely on her makeup work and fashion coverage, specializing in bridal makeup and developing various fashion shoots, with her work is showcased in some of the world’s leading fashion platforms FashionTV. You can follow Ally and her work on numerous social media and web platforms: Website: Tumblr: Instagram: @The.Wandering.I @allyfriedmann Facebook – Contact:

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