Nigerian Designer Yutee Rone Runway 2017

clothing for women of exceptional elegance
Dress by Yutee Rone

Elegance is being effortlessly sleek and stirringly heart-stopping. Elegance is enhanced refinement, neatness, and simplicity. The YUTEE RONE fashion brand is a brand that is absolutely riveting by its simple elegance.

The go-to vogue atelier with its ground-breaking pieces and au courant style garbs its shoppers with outfits that are fashion redefining, boldly detailed, totally classy, and simply gorgeous. The trend gallery is made especially for women who are bold, fearless, and daring.

The YUTEE RONE brand gives sexiness a makeover by revealing very little or nothing at all, as it steals shows and hearts with its ravishing angelic style.

From carefully selected exquisite fabrics including laces, denim, suede, satin, and pure African prints (the ‘Ankara’) to mention a few, the brand creates sophisticated scuba dresses, mermaid dresses and skirts, maxi, midi and floor length dresses, flared trousers, jump suits, fit and flare dresses, and so on. Bold statements are made with well-placed ruffles, stylish drapes, etcetera. Flowers, pretty ornaments, pearls, and lots more are used to adorn most of the pieces. An attempt to mention every aspect of the brand may dampen the versatility of the brand; therefore, I will stop here and just let your imagination run wild.

The innovating fashion empire is also obsessed with making lovely outfits for wedding parties. These range from overly well-dressed brides, trendsetting wedding guests, and snappily dressed ‘asoebi’ (a Nigerian term for brides maids and similarly dressed wedding guest or wedding celebrities such as family members, friends of the bride, friends of the groom and so on). The YUTEE RONE clothing line has shown that it is savvy on delivering the absolute best in women’s fashion by raising the bar, each time higher than the previous, whether it’s on the aisle, high fashion runways, exclusive parties, or on the streets.

“When we look for the good and expect it to show up, we'll always find it.”
Yutee Rone

Owning stores in three major cities across Nigeria, YUTEE RONE reaches out to many trendy patrons, from fashion-loving non-celebrities to high class, high fashion celebrities including actresses, TV personalities, blogger and other fashion designers.

With the progressive growth of its fan base, in Nigeria, across Africa, and other countries of the world, and based on the skyrocketing number of its Instagram followers and other social medias, the YUTEE RONE fashion empire is set to takeover not only runways in Nigeria and Africa but across the world. This is following the tremendous growth of the brand and a successful 2017, as per the successful launch of its BLACK FURY SS17 collection, NAYA LINEE collection pre-spring 2017, its TABITHA collection in July 2016, and lots of other collections. The YUTEE RONE brand can be said to own the year 2017 when we talk of top-notch fashion in Nigeria and across Africa.

"Protect your peace, get rid of toxicity, cleanse your space, cultivate love.”
Yutee Rone

Therefore it is no exaggeration, no pressure, and definitely very justified to expect the YUTEE RONE fashion brand to not only take over but own world-class elite fashion shows, red carpets, and runways all over the world more frequently in the coming year.