Welum's Third Coffee Table Book for Sale

Welum's latest coffee table book focuses on Tradition vs. Innovation

Welum releases its third coffee table book just in time for summer. Focusing on the theme of Tradition vs. Innovation, this full-color coffee table book rethinks the notion of what a printed book can be. “We played with the idea of illumination and very literally explored our own brand—we are lum-inous,” Welum’s founder Brit Kongstad said.

The book’s cover, traditionally there to protect the contents of the book, has been transformed into a Do-It-Yourself multipurpose element with an innovative twist. The cover is made of clear plastic, and by following the instructions on the last page, readers can use the cover to create a 3D prism for viewing holographic moving images. Once the prism is assembled, readers simply place it onto a smartphone or a tablet, go to Welum’s Flash Channel, and play the 3D holographic video.

“This way the reader can engage with the book in a completely different way, using traditional craftsmanship to create a quite innovative and surreal experience,” said Sara Bogh, Welum's Creative Director. “This plays well into Welum’s core where we aim to reinvent the editorial platform.”

Of course the coffee table book is filled with high resolution photos and engaging articles about art, design, music, technology, fragrances, fashion and life, too, just like a traditional coffee table book.

This book is the third in Welum’s series of coffee table books. (Available by clicking here for $49.90.) The first two were published in 2016, with the first book being an exclusive hand painted, numbered edition, with a print run of only 500 copies. (A few are still available if you want to get yours today.)

The second book is actually a mini-series of three, titled Conscious (that can be bought individually or as a package). These books focus on the themes of DO, WEAR, and WATCH with different physical materials – paper, plastic and textile. Readers interact with each part of the book as a folder, and the unfolded size of the book is 60 cm x 210 cm. and folded 30 cm x 30 cm.

The back cover of the publication is decorated with a collage by Canadian artist Randy Grskovic. When put together, the collage, sized 180 cm x 210 cm, displays the diversity in materials and topics and supports the book’s theme of consciousness. ”We are a conscious publication, with focus on the future, but upholding traditions in a conscious way,” Welum’s Art Director Bo Sørensen said. ”By combining experiences and thoughts in this publication, we challenge the traditional way of thinking and experiencing topics and make the reader combine different ways of being conscious.”

The second book was also published in a very limited number, with only a few left in the Welum store.

“We are pleased that this third book is as innovative as its predecessors,” Kongstad said. “And we look forward to the publication of our fourth book this November. Check the website later this year for how your creative work can be a part of that coffee table book.”