The Women’s Forum Global Meeting

Virtual Edition whose slogan was “beyond recovery: designing an inclusive world”

From November 17 to 19, 2020 took place the event The Women’s Forum Global Meeting: Virtual Edition whose slogan was “beyond recovery: designing an inclusive world” As the world is lurching towards an unknown new normal with the pandemic, the Women's Forum’s mission to redesign a more inclusive world becomes even more urgent and critical. When diversity might be at risk of losing its momentum worldwide now is the time for us to take bolder action and foster inclusion in our businesses, communities, and societies to tap into the power of our collective action. It is time for us to embrace women’s leadership and leverage our collective ingenuity to fight existing challenges and co-create a brighter future for all.

In this time of uncertainty, we strengthen our conviction to turn challenges into opportunities and explore new horizons to reinvent ourselves. With the very first virtual Global Meeting, this November was an opportunity for us to meet again virtually after the crisis. The event continued its daring dialogues and cross-pollinated its ideas and innovations for an inclusive recovery where leaders and change-makers worldwide, both women and men, are inspired to redefine the norms, and reshape the new world map.

The Women's Forum Global Meeting 2020 had more than 25,000 Influential business, institutional and political leaders from the EU and beyond, more than 30 Plenary, Roundtable, and Breakout Sessions, more than 130 Prominent speakers from varied industries and countries. Attendees enjoyed Live Q&A and polling during sessions, breakout sessions, mentoring & discussions, a directory with the profiles of all attendees and speakers linked to their social media as well and of course they could engage directly with the partners of the event.

The event started with the welcoming words of Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, he mentioned that Covid-19 has been devasting for women´s rights and gender equality: job losses, an increase of domestic violence, unpaid care work, women are leading the response keeping families, business and economy running but women just occupy a fraction of the decision making of leadership roles, government, and business. To build a more equal, inclusive, and sustainable world we need more women in leadership roles in all sectors, we need stronger measures to make sure women are included whatever decisions are made, we need women´s full contributions to make a strong recovery from this pandemic and build a better future for all.

All the content was organized in the following 5 key themes, the discussions were all panels, except an intimate conversation between, Christine Lagarde, President European Central Bank, and Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief, National Geographic and Editorial Director, National Geographic Partners.

#Women4Inclusion, Leadership for a more inclusive, resilient world.
How can we seize the current moment to lead with purpose, dismantle existing hierarchies and build more equal and inclusive organizations, communities, economies, and societies?

#Women4AI, Ethical artificial intelligence.
If designed by diverse teams and governed appropriately, AI and tech solutions, in general, can help shape a more inclusive world, even beyond the developed world and the workplace.

#Women4Business, Empowered business.
How can corporates & governments stand up for the economic empowerment & inclusion of under-represented groups and fully benefit from the recovery plan and other policies?

#Women4, Climate Action Scalable climate action.                                                                    
Transitioning to a greener economy creates opportunities to accelerate progress on equality & economic empowerment. How can women lead in building back better, not just faster?

#Women4Health, Equal access to health
Women's leadership must be scaled up so that their diverse and representative perspectives can contribute to practice, policy, and technological aspects of healthcare access.

The speakers were worldwide leaders, some of them were: Ann Cairns, Mastercard, Executive Vice-Chair, Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, Francesca Donner, The New York Times Gender Director, Shelly McNamara, Procter & Gamble Company Chief Equality & Inclusion Officer; Alyse Nelson, Vital Voices Global Partnership President & CEO, Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General, Ursula von der Leyen, European Commission, President, Halimah Yacob Republic of Singapore President, Marie-Claire Daveu, Kering Chief Sustainability Officer and Head, Sanda Ojiambo, United Nations Global Compact CEO & Executive Director, Christine Lagarde, President European Central Bank among others.

The Closing Session was: Our ambition for a She-covery with Chiara Corazza, Women's Forum for the Economy & Society Managing Director, and Élisabeth Moreno, Government of France Minister for Gender Equality, it was a very inspiring and insightful conversation, Elizabeth mentioned that is important we make young women have STEM education, there are unconscious bias, teachers, parents should say to the girls” YOU CAN DO IT” because “Talent has no gender”.

Chiara pointed out that key leaders need to prepare the environment for women to have access to equal access to capital. The invitation of Chiara Corazza to the attendees was to take action and commitments to lead positive changes and to forge our future with a common purpose because she believes that together, we will seize this moment to drive forward our inclusive progress!