The future of the fashion

Inspiramais addresses the future of the fashion

The next edition of Inspiramais addresses the future of the fashion product market.

The next edition of Inspiramais addresses the future of the fashion product market What is the key to the transformation of the fashion product market? This is the question that guides the research that gave rise to the theme of the next edition of Inspiramais: Future Proof. On July 13-16, the show that brings together solutions in design, innovation and sustainability will present novelties for the 2022_II season to segments such as footwear and accessories, clothing, furniture and costume jewelry. In addition, during the four days of the online event, there will be national and international business roundtables, inspiring conferences with materials display and networking among participants.

According to the evaluation of the coordinator of the Design Nucleus of the Inspiramais, Walter Rodrigues, one of the great pillars of the room is the continuity. The theme of the next season is always based on the evolution of the concepts worked in previous seasons. In the last edition, for example, reference was made to the impact and changes imposed by the pandemic, with the theme Antidote. "At that time, we talked about the idea of an antidote, of looking at nature and regenerating how it regenerates. We seek the cure for all difficulties and, as far as the business is concerned, repositioning with the digital has that meaning, "he explains.

For 2022_II, questioning focuses on the relationship with what is to come. "To be perceived in the future, both the company and the product must have relevance. If there is no sustainable purpose and narrative for innovation, these will not be maintained in the future, "he explains. For the designer, to be relevant is to translate those feelings into material forms and then into products, making them desired and necessary. "The future will require positive action here and now. A relevant product will be valued as a future-proof product".


From all these reflections, the Design Core found keywords that guide the research. One of the narratives for next season is Quantum, the smallest particle of any element that exists in the world, referring to the essence of things. The proposal foresees a poetic look at the finishes, inspired by the beauty, color, brightness and energy of crystals and precious gems. They also interpret the simultaneous coexistence of antagonistic finishes, such as gloss and matt.

Sport is also linked to this concept. It highlights the perfect materials for performance, sports and technology. The focus is on comfort, which involves the body and interaction with perspiration. The verb de-bone highlights the importance of matter: the removal of the structure, extreme smoothness and fluidity.

Hypervisual is the second keyword linked to the theme of 2022_II. According to the designer, this definition is attributed to filters and the construction of images from software. Maximalism is related to this concept, - to graphic inspiration, hacker and geeks. The materials appear with an excess of colors and prints, as well as various elements that create movement and a large volume of information. Ancestry is also linked to the hypervisual idea. "With borders closed and trade barriers in place, we realized that we need to be self-sustaining. By creating this island, we returned to our origins, defending our tribe, "Walter emphasizes.

To build a collection, steps are established that form the so-called product pyramid. All these elements, which are part of the extensive research developed by Núcleo de Diseño del Inspiramais, correspond to the top of the pyramid, that is, the 10% destined for Innovation. This top is the Future Proof. On the colour chart, there is blue, lilac and yellow. The second stage, which corresponds to 30%, includes references to the theme Antidote. And the base - the other 60% - already massified, represent the inspirations of the collection called Free Spirit.

Inspiramais program

The program begins with the format of the behavioral survey, which is the basis of the consultancy that the Inspiramais Design Core provides to exhibiting companies. The goal is to help in the development of materials and expand business with other sectors. During the process, inspirations conferences are held open to manufacturers of finished fashion products, anticipating the theme that will be presented on the days of the event.

At the Salon, we work with materials developed from surveys and special projects that promote innovation and sustainability. There is plenty of content to inspire visitors: expert conferences and national and international business roundtables, connecting buyers and exhibitors. The program is a benchmark for the market, as it unifies the language and methodology of the entire fashion production chain in a single space. After the week of Inspiramais, Abicalçados opens its doors to receive the exhibition of the materials released at the event, in a small physical exhibition, with pre-scheduled appointments, in the week of July 19 to 23.

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