Sustainable home wear

Birmingham City University has an academic available to comment on the change

Birmingham City University has an academic available to comment on sustainable clothing choices whilst working from home.

Laura Arrowsmith, lecturer in Fashion Business and Promotion at Birmingham City University said:

“With the current situation and millions of people working from home, loungewear is growing in popularity and online sales are soaring.

“With high demand for comfy clothing, ethical and sustainable considerations should be at the front of our minds, more so now than ever, with staying at home being the new going out.

“In recent days we’ve seen many clothing retailers put a halt on fulfilling online orders, not being able to guarantee delivery dates, in order to protect their staff and communities. With that in mind and the fact that the global Earth Day is coming up in a few weeks, now seems like a very fitting time to sort out our wardrobes and reuse some of the clothing we haven’t worn in a while and become more eco-friendly with what we wear.

“If you want to ensure you’re not harming the environment while you self-isolate or work from home, look for natural and low-impact fabrics like organic cotton, TENCEL, hemp and linen. These natural fibres don’t cause as much damage to the environment when they’re washed or thrown out at the end of their life.”

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