Sustainability is the new quality standard


On January 14th and 15th took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Inspiramais. An event unique in its kind in Latin America, the Materials Design and Innovation Exhibit.  In the special projects of the Exhibit were presented Connection Inspiramais 2021 SYNCHRONY, Serving the footwear, furniture, automotive, clothing, accessories and jewelry sectors, in line with the season's proposal. Connection is coordinated by designer Walter Rodrigues, designer, researcher and coordinator of Inspiramais Design Center. The project provides exhibiting companies with expert advice and curation for the creation and development of materials, innovative in both design and technology, for the season in question.

During the event, Rodrigues told that it is a fact that people will lose their jobs, the ones who operate machines but is an opportunity to get back to handmade work. What is happening in the relationship between humans and technology, robotics in the human body, robotics is integrated into our daily life especially in the footwear industry, also the explosion of the inclusion, the importance of individuality. Walter remarked that Sustainability is the new quality standard.

We are  experiencing a change characterized by the speed that reaches all creative and industrial processes, Inspiramais the team understand that sectorization is a dynamic functional and objective alternative. They updated the creative steps in their development process, noting movement and the need for a 360-degree look for a product expos at Inspiramais exhibit as well.

Therefore, the product show was organized by:





Handmade/slow fashion


Global context: The speed of information.

Renaissance-14th to 16th centuries as a line of thought. In the Renaissance, "the humanists" emerged, who were intellectuals concerned with humans from various points of view. Everything that affects the human being such as morality, society, urbanism, arts, medicine, engineering, and science - becomes an object of interest. the study, works, and questioning. The reason, according to Renaissance thinking, was a manifestation of the human spirit that brought the individual closer to God. In exercising their ability to question the world, humans simply gave vent to a God-given gift (Neo-platonism).

Today: Artificial intelligence, connectivity, networks, the future is now, scientific developments, such as in medicine and computer science, and the relentless Search for answers have transformed today's people into unfettered questioners. There was a time when B to B and b to C relationships were strengthened. However, from now on it will have to be a Human-to-Human relationship. There is creative effervescence, in which memes reach the status of art and take the internet by storm.

Poetry Slam inventive freedom that encourages community and inclusive spirit, an example of the new counterculture. Never in history has it been possible to have so many references available, allowing us to combine past and present in a significant renewal of artistic, social and scientific repertoires.

The appreciation of the tastes of consumers, who no longer need to. adapt to a standard, lead the fashion industry to non-judgmentally focus their attention on them, flirting with concepts of exaggeration and opulence. which are characteristics of Camp.

The exhibit is based on the pyramid methodology, implementing the 10%, 30% and 60% stages, organizing your way of searching, creating and processing materials, the 10% means innovations that are built on the company´s DNA, technology and purposes. 30% of the Pyramid Methodology corresponds to the stage in which the results of innovation start to bear fruits, always bearing in mind the company´s DNA and technology. At the bottom is the last stage, namely 60%, at this point you should find out what the company´s initial products were, which brought about the enterprise's success and profit.

The trends for  2021 are:

  • 10% innovation and research: Establish the value of the product.
  • Synapse (Irradiation/digital lines, digital lines/ robotics, robotics/reflective, modules), eclectic (opulence, smock)
  • 30% Strategy, planning, processes: Establish. The assertiveness of the products.
  • Link (wood, fitting, pragmatism, weave) time ( organic, worn out/corroded, worn-out/ grease, grease/ rusty, waste/agglomerated)
  • 60% Know-how,  assurance: Establish the prices and competitiveness of the products. Reconfiguration (shape configuration, checkered pattern, cement, cork, folding) random refs (urban, urban/collage, collage, animal print) expressionism (brushstrokes, tie-dye, marbled, color gradation, feather).

Walter pointed out that Sustainability will be a dogma, the future is tomorrow and us need to get ready for it, IG is the main window for shopping, new consumers buy by Instagram, the colors of the product must look good in the screens of the cell phones.

Finally, he said that Inspiramais is not like other exhibitions, this one has a strict curation, to be part of the fair, the vendors must use the research the event provides to show products and services according to it. Latin America is very handmade and every day is increasing the number of people looking for artisanal products.

Definitely, Inspiramais is Latin America's only materials design show and it is worth it to visit it.