A Story of Israeli Couture

Maskit founded by Ruth Dayan

One of the oldest couture houses in Israel, Maskit shows the world the story of Israel. Through its designs, embroideries, materials and artistry, it tells the story of the many diverse newcomers who have brought their heritage from different backgrounds, some of which have been preserved for generations, as well as different geographical locations around the world. Maskit’s lifestyle statement has left a lasting tradition and its original style projects its connection and love for Israel.


Maskit was founded by Ruth Dayan in 1954. Dayan and head designer Sharon Tal have since then taken the brand on an evolutionary journey and revived the name. Tal’s attraction to rich textures, embellishments and attention to detail hail the brand’s rich heritage while adding her own creative and unique flair to the brand.

Maskit’s rapid growth grabbed the attention of a few world renowned fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Givenchy and designer Pauline Trigere which have lead to various collaborations. Before deciding to return to Israel, Tal fronted the embroideries department at Alexander McQueen for two years before deciding to return home to raise her kids. Tal's desire and passion for design soon made her set her sights on Maskit.


Tal studied fashion design at Shenkar College and went onto intern at Lanvin as Alber Elbaz's intern. From there, she became the head designer responsible for embroidery at Alexander McQueen.

Maskit has a wide range of dresses from elegant evening gowns and day-to-night outfits  to Haute Couture dresses. They pay the same tremendous attention to details and finishes,  if it’s an everyday shirt or if it is the most luxurious bridal gown. Every detail is important, which we see in the choice of only natural materials; materials which are nice to touch, soft and durable.


“I am very much inspired by my roots which are where I live. From the cultural mix of Israel with seventy-two different cultures living as targets, to the historical monuments and up to the geographic diversity.” This is very much in tune with the essence of Maskit. Through Tal, Maskit’s vision is realized. 

When we asked Sharon how she stays up to date with the latest trends and what she believes is the future of design and fashion, she had this to say: 

“I don't, I am mainly trying to be timeless so I expect to be relevant at any given time. Local communities, craftsmanship and unique pieces. Since everybody has 'too much' cloth anyway, so we should just allocate the expense to fewer, but more unique pieces.”