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Designing shoes that make women look feel sexy and comfortable



Taryn Rose, CEO & Co-Founder of Enrico Cuini. I am an orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer and entrepreneur. I started my career as a foot surgeon after earning my medical degree from the University of Southern California School of Medicine in Los Angeles. In 1997, I decided to take a hiatus from the medical field to launch my first shoe company, Taryn Rose. After a successful ten-year run, I sold my namesake company in 2008 for $40 million in revenues and put a hold on my fashion career until partnering with Enrico Cuini years later. My efforts were recognized by the Women’s Leadership Exchange Group in 2006 with the Compass Award for disrupting the standard of how women are perceived as professional leaders.

WHAT did you do?

Alongside my Co-Founder Enrico Cuini, we have launched an Italian luxury shoe brand, Enrico Cuini, that is committed to creating shoes that empower and provide solace to everyone that wears our products. At Enrico Cuini, we are leveraging our expertise in design, architecture, and medicine to create one-of-a-kind shoes that are designed specifically for each person.

The fashion market has led people to believe that a size 7 for one individual, is a 7 for everyone else. This, however, is not the case. We all have distinctive feet that come in different shapes, sizes, and walking patterns. Therefore, each foot requires an individually fitted shoe that will last for hours, without causing any discomfort.

With the shoe industry neglecting women who don’t fit the standard shoe size, we at Enrico Cuini, introduced a uniquely fitted shoe that is made for everyone. Our patented, proprietary Active Lift In Alignment (ALIA) “Wing” technology is the world’s first dynamic support system for shoes. It is designed to offer the most lightweight and low-profile support which allows the “wing” technology to be integrated into luxurious high heels.

To purchase an Enrico Cuini custom-made-shoe, our clients partake in a bespoke virtual fitting consultation with our design experts. These experts provide recommendations based on a combination of a client form sent and the information provided in consultation. This sizing technique is paired with our ALIA technology to create a uniquely fitted shoe for everyone.

HOW did you do it?

I first met Enrico Cuini over twenty-years ago when he sketched shoes for my first shoe collection. While we took different career paths, we reconnected and combined our expertise of technology, engineering, foot biomechanics, and style to offer personalized footwear for both men and women. When Enrico first introduced me to his prototype of the “Wing Shoe”. technology, I immediately knew we were going to create something sensational together. I once said, “we are the Tesla of shoes,” and I certainly believe that we’re going to push to even greater heights.

WHEN did you start your company?

Enrico Cuini was established in 2015.

WHY are you innovating with this product?

When I was a practicing surgeon, I witnessed many women in pain and suffering because of their high heels. As a woman, I know the struggle of wanting to wear comfortable heels yet remain sexy and fashionable. I noticed there was a significant gap in the market for such an idea, and so, I combined my knowledge of foot biomechanics and love for fashion and offered women both comfortable and stylish alternatives. My partnership with Enrico Cuini elevated my vision of transforming the fashion industry.

The goal was to design shoes that make women look and feel sexy, while remaining comfortable—which is exactly what we have accomplished. We have built a community of dedicated supporters, mostly of female physicians and businesspeople. The Enrico Cuini brand is about service and individualized attention; therefore, women feel our shoes are worth the investment. We offer shoes that are truly beautiful, sexy, feminine, and made for comfort.

Where do you live now? 

I currently reside in Beverly Hills, California, USA. I was born in Vietnam and immigrated with my family to the United States when we fled my home country three days prior to the end of the Second Indochina War. When we arrived in the United States, we found ourselves in Arkansas, and the rest has truly been a remarkable journey.

INDUSTRY: Shoe Industry, Fashion Industry