Reusable alternative to cotton swabs

The first ever sanitary, reusable alternative to cotton swabs.

WHO are you? 

Isabel Aagaard, Co-Founder and Designer of LastObject.

WHAT did you do? 

My co-founders and I are creating sustainable alternatives to single-use products that people discard on a regular basis. It all started when we discovered the harmful effects of single-use cotton swabs on the environment, and we decided to work on a solution to fix it. In April 2019, we launched LastSwab, the first ever sanitary, reusable alternative to cotton swabs.

LastSwab was a huge success so we realized people are actually willing to change their habits. We followed it with LastTissue, a pack of 100% cotton reusable tissues; LastRound, a set of six reusable make-up pads; and most recently, and LastMask x Spray, an eco-friendly face mask and sanitizer kit to help fight Covid-19 waste.  One by one, I want to tackle the single-use items that have become an unfortunate part of our daily routine, and I hope to eliminate them altogether. 

HOW did you do it? 

We prototype a lot. The product, the packaging, the content. Everything is made and edited hundreds of times while constantly being tested. We try to get our designs in our hands even though most of our work is on a computer. It’s important for us not to sit on our ideas and think we know best.  Then we use crowdfunding, not only as a financial tool but also to validate our product. It’s the perfect way to see whether people are willing to spend money on your product and if there are any changes you should make. All our products have been launched on a crowdfunding platform first.

WHEN did you start your company? 

We founded the company in 2018.

WHY are you innovating with this product or service? 

Our overconsumption is taking a huge toll on our planet. And the crazy thing is if we each just make a little difference it can have a huge impact, it’s all about taking a look at our habits and seeing where we can adapt them. That’s why I want to create innovative solutions to wasteful habits that make a lasting impact. I want to help people transition to a more sustainable lifestyle, and ultimately end the throwaway culture and mindset.

WHERE are you from?

Copenhagen, Denmark.




@lastobject, @lastswab