Randy Grskovic

Collages and Consciousness

Randy Grskovic is an artist, curator, and collector living in Toronto, Ontario. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advanced Media Communication from the University of British Columbia, Okanagan. 

Randy has shown his artwork and curated others in exhibitions across Canada. Galleries include Equinox and Centre A in Vancouver, V-Tape in Toronto, L'oeil de Poison in Quebec City ,and Eastern Edge in St. John's, NL. Grskovic is the former owner of experimental short-term galleries, including The Age of Info(rmation), Cutty Contemporary and Good Luck Art Gallery, and he is now the featured artist for Welum’s second coffee table book.

We fell in love with Randy’s work immediately, here at Welum. Working with the theme “consciousness”, we observed how the juxtapositions and contrasts of his collages seemed to flow right into our universe. His work is mostly made from found imagery, recycling memes, reworking compositions, and challenging our notion of time and progress. The simplicity of the collages is stark, adding to the weight of the commentary, and the tactility of the analogue process, immediately sparks an awareness of their intentional and deliberate nature. 

Together we reach a new dimension, as three of Randy’s pieces (curated by Welum together with the artist), adorn a side each of the ‘fold-outs’ in the book - showcasing these otherwise small artworks at a scale over 2 meters tall. This allows the viewer to engage with the art in a new overwhelming setting. They force reflection and submergence as they tower around you - inviting you to experience the work with a new sense of heightened consciousness.