Platform Seeking on demand beauty services

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Kirti Mehrotra; Founder and CEO


It all started when Kirti herself faced a problem of finding a salon for her hair color and facial before going for family vacation to Yellowstone National Park in 2017.  She landed up calling tens of salons asking them for an appointment and prices. This was a time consuming and a stressful process when she really needed a service. She thought about a solution and built an innovative platform called Quickslick that connects customers seeking on-demand beauty services to local salon service providers, in real time. Instead of making ten of phone calls to check salons' availability and prices, one can go on the app and let salons indicate if they can have the customer at their preferred time. Customers can see availability, rating, pricing and distance all at one place making it a seamless process for them with payment integration.  


During her research she discovered that a lot of small family owned salons and barbers do not have an online booking tool and were very manual. They were losing out on business from millennial and others who would only book online. Quickslick takes the pressure off salon professionals. It takes care of the hassles of advertising their businesses, enhancing visibility, attracting new customers, and receiving online payments. It is not a tech trap that requires salons to deploy a heavy software, train their staff to use it, and pay hefty regular subscription cost. It’s a simple-to-use mobile app that gets salons on the grid in just a few minutes without any upfront or regular investment.


She and her team have been working on building the product, doing market research for past one year. They launched the product's first version in March/April 2019 and has been growing tremendously. Currently they offer more than 100 beauty services for men, women and kids on their platform. 


In the world of Uber and Deliveroo, customers have become accustomed to on-demand services to save cancellation and late arrival fee, and have similar expectations from the salon industry. It’s about time for salons to break free from their traditional operating models and revolutionize their business. Technological disruption is even rapidly outdating the use of websites, leading to a growing trend of the use of apps for instant and on-demand bookings and services. Having a business app is a usual expectation of consumers today. However, building and maintaining an app might be a daunting task for salon professionals given their busy and demanding daily schedule. Quickslick, a mobile-based app, makes it possible for salons to receive and accept instant bookings without having to develop and maintain one themselves.


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