International Conference on Arts Recovery

UNESCO Creative City of Music-KC Holds International Conference on Arts Recovery

In 2017, Kansas City, MO became the ONLY city of Music in the United States, under UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Creative City KC, which is the focal point for the designation, has announced their plans for their four-year report to remain within the network as is required for continued participation by holding a series of virtual and physical conferences in 2021, beginning with the first, “On Higher Ground: A UNESCO Arts Recovery Conference”, Wednesday, February 17, 2021 from 2pm to 4pm CST.

“As with many, many arts organizations across the globe, COVID devastated our ranks and destroyed performance venues, tourism, artists and musicians the likes that have ever been seen. We have analyzed and planned with our international UNESCO Creative Cities Network partners (UCCN) Arts Recovery Strategies that empowers organizations large and small, individuals and municipalities.” Said Anita J. Dixon, Author of the UNESCO Creative City of Music-KC designation.

The conference will center on innovative approaches to the importance of collaborations, resources and economic development for creative industries and unveil a unique arts campaign in support of the healing of COVID worldwide.

“We believe that we must empower as many artists as possible with solidarity across genres, races and countries. This is a time where the creative spirit of the world can heal and mobilize the cure.” Said Dr. Jacob Wagner, Vice President of Creative City KC Inc. To register for conference, go to:

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