Innovations in sustainability

From 25 to 27 August, 2020 was held INSPIRAMAIS in a format 100% digital. Latin America´s only material design for fashion exhibit presented hundreds of innovations in sustainability, design and technology, international speakers and virtual business rounds with over 10 countries, with the promise to be the best online experience for the entire fashion industry

Unique of its kind in Latin America, INSPIRAMAIS is known as a reference for the fashion market and is responsible for driving the creative process of the entire clothing, textile, footwear, furniture, automotive, accessories and jewelry industry - national and international - bringing together information that unifies the language and methodology for the entire fashion production chain. The project involved numerous actions, such as the presentation of hundreds of innovative products, the main players in national and international fashion, virtual stands, presentation of color charts, talks, research projects and business rounds.

The link between the fashion industry and input companies, Inspiramais ended its edition as the most assertive fashion business tool in Latin America It was three days full of business, information, presentation of products with solutions in design, sustainability, technology innovation. After 10 years as a reference for the entire link in the national and Latin American fashion and consumer chain, INSPIRAMAIS - Fashion materials design exhibit, held its first edition in a 100% digital format.

According to the organization, in three days, Inspiramais received over 40 thousand accesses in 150 virtual stands, which generated 3 thousand business schedules with companies. Among projects, talks and product releases, 166 thousand pages were visited.The event was marked by virtual stands, presentation of color charts, talks, research projects and business rounds.

Mirrored in vast research material developed by a highly qualified group of design professionals, coordinated by Walter Rodrigues, one of the most recognized names in Brazilian fashion, the event presented a series of projects and solutions in sustainable products, innovative designs and innovation and technology solutions.

All this information makes INSPIRAMAIS a great source of references for fashion designers from many countries, receiving participation of professionals and companies from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Italy, France, England and Asian countries and from the African continent.

“This edition is not just a platform, it is a change of behavior in facing the technological future. The future of the industry is hybrid and is redesigning the entire industry. Fashion had been flirting with this virtual path for quite some time. The pandemic just accelerated the process. Digital models are fascinating. If in the physical model, we talk to seven thousand professionals, now we have the chance to expand this to 10 thousand visitors.

Inspiramais Connection 

With over 200 products available to the market, Inspiramais Connection seeks a production based on unique references and inspirations, based on Brazilianness and mirrored in vast research material developed by a highly qualified group of design professionals. Under the Free-Spirit theme, the proposal for references and the methodology based on the consumption pyramid proposed for the fashion industry is presented: color charts, innovative products and design solutions  for the Luxury, Sustainability, Casual, Performance, Handicraft and Technological categories. This work is the result of extensive work with Brazilian industries from the most diverse hubs in the country - universalizing the national product and expanding sales assertiveness.

This valuable research is available here, click on the links to download the trends.

Leather Preview
Leather Previewpresents a wide range of materials research and color charts, thus translating references for the next collections, which will use these references to produce looks and products for the footwear, clothing, accessories, furniture, automotive and jewelry segments. The project aims to encourage the leather sector in the creation, improvement and commercial promotion of finished and authentic leather, fostering the image of the tanneries abroad, thus increasing the possibility of sales and enhancing the entire chain.

+ Estampa  [print]
In its 14th edition, the + Estampa [print] Projectpresented works by surface design that commercialize illustrations, designs, patterns and prints, offering the market new materials, textures and sensations that will provoke new perceptions of the public. With an exclusive space, it presents three prints per studio connected to research for the 2022_I PREVIEW. The prints were formatted with moving images bringing a new exposure option.The + Estampa [print] project was carried out by Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Componentes para Couro, Calçados e Artefatos [Brazilian Association of Leather, Footwear and Component Companies] (Assintecal), Associação Brasileira da Indústria Têxtil e de Confecção [Brazilian Association of Textile and Clothing Industry] (Abit), Centro das Indústrias de Curtume do Brasil [Brazilian Tannery Industries Center] (CICB) and Agência Brasileira de Promoção de Exportações e Investimentos [Brazilian Exports and Investment Agency](Apex-Brasil).

With varied themes, INSPIRAMAIS presented a series of talks with national and international experts in the areas of fashion, innovation, sustainability, retail and business - in addition to the presentations of cases and people of worldwide notoriety. With simultaneous translation into English and Spanish, the talks ensured the opportunity to expand knowledge and more parameters for the current market.