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Annie Cyr, CEO & co-founder at Tengiva.

WHAT  did you do ?

I founded a technology startup to tackle the textile supply chain problems; to make it more effective, more transparent, and more accessible to emerging brands.

Tengiva helps textile manufacturers and apparel companies’ source and sell materials across 30 countries through its supply chain management platform. Tengiva’s software makes it easier for clothing brands to find and buy the materials they need, while also helping textile suppliers sell their products online.

HOW did you do it?

After spending 15 years working in the textile and apparel industries, I noticed these problems and the repetitive patterns. I then met my co-founder who was facing the same issues in a different situation, and together we chose to fix it. I took immense risks, four years, passion, and vision.

Tengiva aims to give them access to the data and recommendations necessary to lessen their environmental impact. Tengiva’s platform provides customers with the information they need to optimize their resource usage, improve the transparency of their supply chain, and promote better, more eco-friendly practices that reduce CO2 emissions and chemical usage, and increase recyclability.

WHEN  did you start your company?

We started the company in March 2018.

WHY  are you innovating with this product or service?

At Tengiva, we found the way to transform long sourcing processes in a single step digital experience. We are a technology company that offers a marketplace to facilitate connections and sourcing.

In the textile supply chain market, there are other solutions available in terms of catalogs as a marketplace, but Tengiva’s ability to help with logistics, payments, and operations serves as a differentiator.

WHERE are you from?

I'm native from a very small village named Saint-Gregoire, in Quebec, a province of Canada. I'm now located in Montreal, Canada.

INDUSTRY: Textile supply chain