Hannah Martin Jewelry

Minimalism with an edge

Have you ever heard the phrase “we live in an increasingly throw away society where we produce more and more waste?” Hannah Martin challenged that idea a long time ago when she built her jewelry company with a love for luxury and craftsmanship. Martin’s company is based on the idea of quality instead of quantity. It focuses on timeless designs you can keep the rest of your life and pass down from generation to generation. More and more people are seeing the value in getting away from the disposable product mentality and moving towards sustainable production.

Martin has been known for creating beautiful fine jewelry with a twist ever since she launched her label in 2006.

Hannah Martin is the brain and creative director behind the identity of the brand. She has a degree from London’s Central Saint Martins, where she studied sculpting. However, she fell in love with the art design of jewelry. Martin managed to combine her passions — you can see her sculptural background in the brand’s unique jewelry designs. One such unique touch is that all of the jewelry is designed as unisex.

Martin worked with some of the most internationally recognized luxury houses in fine jewelry design before she launched her own brand. Cartier, Givenchy and most importantly her time spent designing for one of Place de Vendome’s most famous exports can be viewed as the key influence behind her approach to luxury jewelry.

Martin’s is the first ever fine jewelry house for both men and women that focuses on creating something that has always been so hard to find — decadent, beautifully crafted, sophisticated treasures, that do not compromise masculinity but rather luxuriate it. With a blend that focuses on detail, the mission is to provide the client with a definitive collectible that can be handed down through the generations. Sculptural, elegant and masculine, the brand’s formula is a combination of exclusivity, craftsmanship and individuality. All pieces are limited editions. A limited run or bespoke piece should hold its value for years to come. The brand has taken the rich and famous by storm, with clients such as Rihanna.

In the short span of only a few years, Hannah Martin and her friend Nathan Morse have taken the company from small visionary design label to internationally recognized name. Nathan Morse is the fuel that drives the communication of Hannah’s vision.

It is their shared values in response to today’s zeitgeist that have formed a joint and resolute belief in the defining factors of their contemporary brand; one that is built upon authenticity, creativity and honesty.

At the foundation of this British-founded, British-made brand is the belief that it is quality that counts in today’s world of over-production and over-consumption: beautifully crafted items, made with integrity and made to last. The brand is 100% British, in fact everything is hand crafted in their workshops.

Jewelry is one of the best ways to express your identity and style. It is the small details that really make a mark. The way each individual chooses to style their pieces makes each item unique.

With fine jewelry, fine craftsmanship is vital. Knowing that you buy from a jeweler who can give you all the information about a piece, from where and how the stones were sourced to how the piece was made, gives a level of thoroughness and security that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Hannah Martin Jewelry is really about self-expression, as well as a love and understanding of what luxury and craftsmanship is all about.