From URBAN to SUBURBAN happy place

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Helping  families leave URBAN for a SUBURBAN happy place.


Alison Bernstein


I Began Suburban Jungle, a first of its kind real estate and lifestyle advisory firm dedicated exclusively to helping  young families leave URBAN for SUBURBAN, now with offices in New York, DC, San Fran, LA, Chicago, Boston, Dallas and the Hamptons. The Suburban Jungle the team uses on the ground research, technology, and personalized know how to help families to find the perfect neighborhood free of charge.


The first thing I did was to devise a system by which the company would work; how we could add value to the average consumer while making a substantial profit. I always ask myself, with every new venture “how much effort will it take me to earn $1?” This helps me to generate the process flow. Once I felt comfortable with this piece, I set up the corporation thanks to a friend who is an attorney. My goal was to spend nothing until I made something. I then went out and spoke to a multiplicity of contacts about the concept -which ultimately led to my first deal. When this initial $20k came in, as a result, I was allowed to create an inexpensive website and move forward. Once I had that first deal it all snowballed!


2008 I started it while I was at Columbia Business School — The concept was born of both an industry demand and personal experience.


Recognizing how different neighboring towns can be from one another and how little families learn about a community during the home search, I launched Suburban Jungle, helping buyers navigate suburbia, and understand the ins and outs of towns before making their decision. We call it a “town first” approach to real estate helping to make certain that home-seekers are looking in the right places, and more importantly asking the right questions. Free of charge, all advisory is completely objective. Before our business launching, the real estate industry was undeserving buyers and was focused solely on listings/sellers. I found that the residential real estate marketplace, on the buyer side did not provide truly objective advice or guidance as it pertains to the lifestyle factors, options and inevitable changes associated with such an important life decision. I, therefore, seized the opportunity to create a unique piece to the real estate puzzle.





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