Fitness Is The New Black!

Being fit and healthy never goes out of style
Photo by Becky Yee

Fitness is the latest social trend and fitness fashion is the latest in meet and greet clothing. It seems like only yesterday the tradition of going to bars and eating in restaurants a la "Sex and the City" influenced droves of young women in New York City to brandish their Manolos and spend all their free time laughing over cosmos with friends at the trendiest restaurants. But that seems like a hazy booze-filled distant past. Innovations in health and wellness have influenced young women to trade in their luxury heels for a pair of brightly colored Under Armour sneakers and Lululemon leggings, then meet their favorite gal pals for a Brooklyn Body Burn class followed by a raw pressed juice.

Brooklyn Body Burn uses the Lagree Fitness™ method that uses muscle-toning principles of Pilates and adds elements of cardio. They use a M3S MegaFormer™ which encourages you to use maximum exertion with minimal stress on joints and your spine.

Other innovations in fitness and gyms which have contributed to fitness' rise in popularity  is David Barton's new gym TMPL.  Trendy New Yorkers, who loved to stand in line at the latest club and gyrate their hips to pumping music with strobe lights and smoke machines, now gravitate to this 40,000- square foot mecca of fitness, technology and innovative training and classes.

When I arrived at TMPL, a woman said to me, "Welcome to the happiest place on earth".  Then she led me past a plush velvet lounge to the lockers, but I felt like a VIP being escorted to my table with bottle service. I took their Holy Water class, exclusively at TMPL.  It's a class where you do the entire workout on a floating exercise mat in a salt water pool.  It engages your core on a deep level because you need to keep your balance on the board or you get baptized in the water. The pool room has pink and blue lights meant for a dance club and there's even a live DJ mixing music.  

Working out at TMPL was just as much fun as going to a night club.  I felt like staying there all night after work and chatted and talked with trainers and other "worshippers".  It was the new "in" place to be.

Social gatherings have been transformed, and the clothes and shoes one socializes in has been too.  At a recent visit to boutique spinning studio, Byklyn (pronounced bike-lyn),  I spoke with NY model Ruthie Hanan, who said, "I use Class Pass and love to check out new classes and different fitness studios with my sister and friends.  That's how I found Byklyn".

Byklyn is just one of many boutique fitness studios that are popping up all over the city and becoming the "in" social place to gather.  Owner Amy Glosser said, "Even though we are just steps away from the Barclay's Center, this studio has a small community vibe. I am from a small town and I try and create that atmosphere here.  People meet here and get to know one another, chat and become friends. It's really great."

If you want to hang out with your friends hit the gym and be like other trendy New Yorkers;  if you want to see hot guys and gals, don't go to traditional places like a bar or night club, go to the gym. Experience people in workout clothes instead of dress clothes.

And if you want more stylish and healthy living stories, go to my new blog called "Fitness is the New Black"  because being fit and healthy never goes out of style.  Check it out at

Photography & Article by Becky Yee

Staff Credits

Models Dakota Moore & Ashley Adelberg, Q Models
Photography by Becky Yee
Stylist Jamez Eli
Make-up Julissa Lopez
Hair Jamez Eli
Production Coordinator Ty Austin
Production & Retouching by Around Digital Media
Special Thanks to Belleon GymJust Chill DrinksBeeganbitesExotic Bars 

Clothing credits

Featured image
Dakota wears Infinity Unitard from Liquido Active, Accessories/Faux Fur from Jamez Eli, Shoes Traffic
Image 1
Ashley (model on the left) wears Mina Jacket from Lime and Vine, Tangerine Vitality Bra from Liquido, Accessories from Jamez Eli, Shoes Aldo

Dakota (model on the right) wears Milan Jacket from Lime and Vine, Red Tear Drop Bra from Liquido Active, Accessories from Jamez Eli, Shoes Call It Spring

Zero Ginger - Just Chill Drinks
Rings and weights courtesy of Belleon Body Gym NYC

Image 2
Dakota (model on the left) wears Ora top from Lime and Vine, RBX Boylegs Performance Underwear, Metallic Bag from Quilted Koala, Shoes Call It Spring

Ashley (model on the right) wears Overnight Pants from Jamez Eli, bag from NYC Subway Line, Accessories/Faux Fur from Jamez Eli.

Image 3
Dakota wears Red Strap back bra Top from Liquido Active, Circus Girl Leggings from Werkshop, Choker/Accessories from Jamez Eli, Shoes Call It Spring
Image 4
Ashley wears Tabby Romper from Jamez Eli, Choker/Belt/Bag  from Jamez Eli, Shoes Aldo

Pink Boxing Gloves Courtesy of Belleon Body Gym NYC

Image 5
Ashley wears Fuchsia Movement bra Top from Liquido Active, Diamond Leggings from Werkshop, Accessories from Jamez Eli.

Rings courtesy of Belleon Body Gym NYC


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    Photo by Becky Yee

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    Photo by Becky Yee

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