Fashion Film Festivals Going Global

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There are no limitations when it comes to combining different art forms, and one of the areas that has spread globally over the last couple of years is the fashion film phenomenon. The combination of creating short films with an artistic angle and the fashion and lifestyle businesses has made a niche that can be compared with the breakthrough of music videos in the early 1980s.

One of the biggest fashion film festivals is the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. The festival is held in sunny La Jolla, just outside San Diego, California, USA, and only a two hour drive from the heart of movies – Hollywood.

The founder of the fashion film festival is Fred Sweet. As his name suggests, Sweet is a polite and charismatic older gentleman, who could be found showing the festival participants around and introducing them to interviewers and each other.

When asked about the purpose of the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, Sweet pointed out that this is an noncommercial event and sponsors were not the focus. Many have asked to get involved and become a sponsor, but the vision of the festival is to give artists and directors the opportunity to display true art and share visions in the community. Winning is an honor, but attending is the true spirit of La Jolla.

Even though some of the film projects were made in cooperation with commercial clothing and lifestyle companies, there is no doubt that the different directors focused on giving a conscious outline and artistic angle to the short films without compromising the art of making a film with a high-quality storyline.

The La Jolla Fashion Film Festival has been held for seven years now, and the eighth festival event will take place in July next year.

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