faux fur design

As the word "organic " has finally reached front row, top shelves, and into our homes, as a preferable way of living, Anna Tagliabue creates organic fur coats with the touch of " same difference " in look and wear.

Her fur art pieces, rather than being typical coats, are each a statement piece. Each design will transform you into a unique living object.
The texture, cheerful colors, and extraordinary design will make you feel special and put a smile on your face.

The name of the brand is Pelush, a play on the Danish pronunciation of the word "fur".

Tagliabue sculpts coats that will take you to anywhere from the Victorian period, to more futuristic, yet timeless designs.

Her idea to become a fashion designer slowly developed and transformed in the early 90´s while working for Fendi. Discovering that working with fur made her feel uncomfortable, since she had always had great love for animals, she decided to find an alternative.
Technology had not yet caught up with her standards, so she waited about eighteen years to finally feel ready to naturally design.

Her designs are made of luxurious vegan fabrics, some with details like crochet appliques and handmade monograms with Japanese beadings for clients that want a more personal touch.
The fur coats are all stamped with a PETA stamp of approval as well.

Consumers' consciousness has changed over time; spirituality has brought heightened awareness, almost anything "healthy" has become default, and the perception of luxury has changed to one more of mindfulness.

Tagliabue feels that, perhaps by being able to start a conversation with consumers, using fashion to bring awareness to people that are still unaware of the horrible cruelty these animals are put through, and instead being able to offer the highest standard as an alternative to real fur, she can hopefully spread a better trendone that can end the inhumane treatment of the very same beings that we call pets, who brings us an unconditional love that we were meant to spread, not destroy.

While finding inspiration around her, with New York as her base and center focus,Tagliabue is also an animal rights activist and advocate.

Pelush is being re-launched with the brand's first fashion show on September 13th, during NY fashion week.
So take the chance to support and help bring awareness to a unique concept that is helping the world become a better place.
As Anna Tagliabue would say, stand up for our animals, respect them and protect them!