COVID19 Impact on social context

No touching policy has to be regained in the future.

Needless to say that Coronavirus influenced our cultural behavior a lot. No touching policy and keeping social distance creates psychological problems, but along with that, staying 24/7 with family gives a new unfamiliar situation.

People panic and panicking is the worst enemy. Of course, they cannot be blamed because the unknown is always getting to where fear goes. In case of severe anxiety and panic attacks, remember that breathing is our main tool for normalizing emotional stability and calm. Deep breath - long exhale. Repeat this breathing cycle up to 10 times.

At the same time, it would be wise to stay home. Many celebrities advise doing the same. Some even got sick like Tom Hanks and his wife or Idris Alba but they are staying positive.

Positive thinking is a great power. It is important to understand that once you spread good vibes, you feel better and those who are around feeling better too. Watch motivational movies, have some good stuff to read. Maybe there is a book or two you wanted to read but never had time for that. Well, now you have plenty. Use it wisely.

The Internet is still available and you can find all the information there as for symptoms and how to stay safe. Do not focus on how many people got sick and died but how many of them recovered just as well. Besides, if to check the statistics of sick and died per year for other reasons, let us say, seasonal flu or heart attack, you will be surprised to see how striking the figures are. Skype and face time with your close people who are away to support and comfort them.

What will these Coronavirus changes bring us? Medicine and science, definitely win, having gained powerful experience in responding to such challenges and combining forces and brains to overcome them. New labor relations will finally be legalized, new norms of communication between people will appear. When you sit out for eight hours in the office it becomes optional and sometimes undesirable, and concert halls and stadiums begin to give way to virtual forms of art and sports team supporting. However, no one says that all current trends will be developed. Ecology? After a certain temporary improvement, it is likely to return to its previous state, if not worse. But what exactly will happen is the obvious: information manipulators will not remain without work.

The stockpiling of various products, such as hand sanitizers, masks, and instant noodles, is a very common approach, which is inflated by social networks and the media with deficit messages.

About the author: Melisa Marzett has always wanted to become a writer and when she grew up, her dream came true. She is very curious by nature, more a listener than a talker and she just knows how to ask the right questions. Currently, she is writing articles while traveling and her writing is available for viewing at such online resources as