With historic attendance figures ends the 33rd edition of Colombiamoda + Colombiatex 2022,  which was Held from 26 to 28 July, where nearly 50,000 people gathered during the three days of the fair to explore business opportunities, vibrate with the moments of fashion and evidence the meaning of fashion conscious from the environmental, social and cultural.

Medellin welcomed national and international visitors to live Colombia’s Fashion Week and enjoy the different scenarios that the city has to offer. According to the Tourism Observatory of Medellin, the influx of visitors to the event generated an economic spill of approximately $12 million, represented among the different categories of spending, such as accommodation, food, transportation, shopping and recreation activities.

"Colombiamoda + Colombiatex 2022 showed that it is an opportune moment to revitalize the Fashion System and boost the economic growth that the industry has experienced this year. Given the upturn in fashion consumption and the increase in exports, this scenario becomes the ideal connection platform for doing business, promoting entrepreneurship, visibilizing brands and charting the road map of the future for the sector." Said Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, executive president of Inexmoda.


476 exhibitors took part in the commercial exhibition of Colombiamoda + Colombiatex 2022, which presented new developments and innovations from the entire value chain of the fashion industry, in categories such as footwear and leather goods, and jeanswear, formal casual, beachwear, intimate, childish, textiles, and supplies. The business axis counted with the participation of countries such as Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, the United States, Portugal, and regions of Colombia such as Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Santander, Norte de Santander, and Valle del Cauca.

On the other hand, about 11,300 buyers from 47 countries visited the trade show in search of new opportunities, of which about 9,900 were domestic buyers and 1,400 international buyers. Regions of Colombia such as Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Valle del Cauca, Norte de Santander, and Santander, visited the event to strengthen relations and strengthen commercial ties.

In addition, thanks to the work done by ProColombia, the event received international buyers from countries such as Ecuador, the United States and Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico that, according to reports from the entity, project export opportunities worth $33 million.

The entrepreneurship was protagonist for the businesses in Colombiamoda + Colombiatex 2022 through the projects made from Inexmoda, with different allies that bet on business transformation, as a vehicle for economic growth. Programs such as Epic, Innovation Challenge and Productive Chains developed in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Medellin, gave the opportunity to 25 entrepreneurs in the city to participate in the business hub of the fair.

During the trade tour, visitors learned about the outstanding sustainable practices of the fashion industry through the Inexmoda Sustainability Route initiative with the support of the Aburrá Valley Metropolitan Area, in which 50 brands participated that made visible their sustainable projects around environmental, social and cultural sustainability. 


The Fashion Week of Colombia featured 23 catwalks in categories that evidenced conscious fashion, the power of collaborations, the unique DNA of the signature, the new promises of the academy, the projection of the entrepreneurs and the opportunities of the intimate category and beach.

Nearly 25,000 people enjoyed the talent and creativity of brands and designers who delivered their essence so that design proposals transcend aesthetics with deep messages that generate reflections around the social, the cultural and the environmental.

In this edition, the catwalks took emblematic places related to the values and principles of the brands to offer a complete experience that complemented the programming that was developed within Plaza Mayor, Medellín.

"From Inexmoda we are happy and proud with the results of this fair. In addition, we know the responsibility that this implies: to continue generating these connection platforms that allow doing business, make visible brands and designers and, above all, generate reflections to understand the industry as what it is, a vehicle of transformation that impacts people and changes their lives." said Leonor Hoyos, director of Fairs of Inexmoda.


The future of the Fashion System is written from the knowledge and sharing experiences of fashion business experts. That is why, the Inexmoda Knowledge Pavilion - Sapiencia had 16 knowledge spaces that connected all actors addressing cultural feelings, technology and trends as engines of change.

The Pavilion received about 16,000 people who entered physically and obtained 28,400 views during the three days of the fair, who talked about strategy, metaverse and foresight to identify how changes in the environment impact consumer mindsets.

For its part, the Forum of Trends was the space of reflection for the trends of the  fall-winter 22/23 season, where 2,500 people appreciated the samples of inputs and textiles and complemented their experience with talks about trends focused on product development and sustainability.

Thus closes Inexmoda this edition of Colombiamoda + Colombiatex 2022, who in turn announced that the 34th edition will be held in Medellin from July 25 to 27, 2023 to continue generating conversations around conscious fashion and the future of the Fashion System.