Colombiamoda 2019

Trade show to impacting Fashion industry in Latin America.

Colombiamoda 2019: a renewed and recharged trade show to continue impacting the actors of the Fashion industry in Latin America.

Inexmoda, the Colombian institute that has been generating connection spaces and networking opportunities for more than 30 years, to promote the synergies and growth of the Fashion System, is getting ready for Colombiamoda 2019, from July 23 to 25 at Plaza Mayor, in Medellín, this special edition number 30 will have as main components the business, the relationship and the experiences, fused with fashion and knowledge.

"Responding to a trend and need that exists today in the market, we decided to cross the objectives of the brands and their audiences and proposed for this edition of Colombiamoda, new spaces where these generate ties of value with their consumers, seeking the activation of their strategies within a commercial platform that will recreate the new trends that are part of the retail, and this is how new scenarios emerge such as the Concept Market and Colombia Moda Digital, " said Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, CEO of Inexmoda.

There will be four main novelties: the Concept Market, an open space where the final consumer will be linked to different brands of the Fashion System that will breathe the Urban Urban concept through its fashion proposals. Colombiamoda Digital will be the place where brands will activate their digital strategies based on a physical platform such as the Fair. Commercial Exhibition, which will be divided by the Feminine, Masculine, Infant, Mixed, Footwear and Leather Goods markets to facilitate the product search of the attendees. And finally, the Private Showrooms will be more intimate formats that aim to generate between specialized buyers and exhibitors negotiations and experiences around fashion.

This year Colombiamoda + Textiles2 will have about 570 exhibiting brands in more than 30,000 m2 of commercial exhibition and experiences, where about 12,000 buyers will gather; 1,500 international and 10,500 nationals, from more than 50 countries, including Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Mexico, Peru, among others. This is thanks to the important management carried out by Inexmoda in the hands of ProColombia and other important allies at a national and international level.

With the aim of facilitating, streamlining and generating efficient business appointments, the Fair will feature the business platform, a tool where buyers can agree on their schedule of appointments with the exhibitors, according to their interests prior to the Fair, thus obtaining appointments more assertive.

There will be more than 50 proposals where designers and commercial brands such as Beatriz Camacho, Renata Lozano, and Andrés Otálora will be included in the Chevrolet Fashion Night program; the AVON Foundation with Andrés Pajón; the Mayor's Office of Medellín with Epic: Challenge of Innovation; Carlo Carrizosa; Pink Filosofy; Banco de Bogotá + El Tiempo with MEV (line by designer Maria Elena Villamil); Success + Ancestral Masters + FUCSIA + Artesanías de Colombia with Juana Acosta; Pasarela Alma: Bronzini + Isabel Henao; and Havaianas by Alexandra Bueno.

Vogue joins once again, to Colombiamoda, promoting Latin American design with its Vogue Talents Corner, space where designers of clothing and jewelry with author stamp will leave their name on high. In this opportunity, Mia Mulatta, Khbeis, Vásquez and García, ZUT, Michelle Mejia Atelier will be part of this selection of designers, accompanied by the proposal of Alejandra Valdivieso, Adriana Tinoco, Faoba Joyas, Krystel, Laura Cabrera and Oriana Miranda from the sample of jewelry.

Johanna Ortiz will be in charge of the inaugural fashion show, in this special edition of Colombiamoda. The trajectory, evolution and business model of the brand, position Johanna as one of the most important designers in Latin America.

"Johanna Ortiz is a world leader of the Colombian fashion industry an example that demonstrates that creativity and talent are not only essential but that innovation and discipline are needed for the development of a business model. From Inexmoda we are very proud to know that Colombiamoda was a milestone in his career, to enhance it and make today that example of business and international business for our country, "added Carlos Eduardo Botero Hoyos, CEO of Inexmoda.

This way, the official opening of Colombiamoda’s special 30th, the Fashion Week of Colombia®, by Johanna Ortiz, opens the curtain of a renewed Fair that will present business, fashion, and knowledge, and It will trace the path that entrepreneurs and Latin American brands need to structure themselves, compete in global markets and face the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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