Change of today’s media strategies

Who, what, how, when, why interview


Monica C. Smith, Founder & CEO Marketsmith, Inc.  

WHAT  did you do ?

Our solutions have changed the landscape of today’s media strategies.  Clients are given a surround sound view of all media activity, campaign optimizations, and real-time performance data through our proprietary data technology, MarketsmithIQ™. This allows Marketsmith to hold our media accountable. Maximizing our clients’ media investments to garner the best value is our guarantee. As New Jersey’s largest broadcast and digital media buying agency, we process millions of dollars’ worth of media buys, annually from network television and digital media, to search, Out-of-Home, and everything in between. It is our commitment to deliver the most efficient cost for the most effective media to exceed the goals of our clients.

HOW did you do it?

Using an “always on” media, data-science, and attribution platform to visualize and leverage brand history and current media performance is key to a brand’s success. Intelligent planning and execution are only as good as two key factors:

  1. The quality of data.
  2. Making sure we are employing the best negotiators in the business to ensure constant efficiencies and superior outcomes. Data-backed intelligence, human-based negotiation. That is our competitive advantage. 

WHEN  did you start your company?

Marketsmith was founded in 1999.

WHY  are you innovating with this product or service?

Innovation in technology doesn’t stop and innovating to meet and exceed our clients expectations is a driving force and embedded in our company culture.

WHERE are you from?

I was raised in South Orange, NJ and now live with my family in Chester, NJ (USA) 


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