Ana Ono Goes Beyond Pink

Lingerie for Breast Cancer Survivors
Dana Donofree Founder of Ana Ono, Photo by Becky Yee

Pinktober may be over, but breast cancer does not just magically disappear for the rest of the year.  Dana Donofre, founder and designer of lingerie brand, Ana Ono,  constantly thinks about how to better serve women with breast cancer.

Donofre herself was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late 20s and recalls, “I remember being at my mother's house with drainage tubes safety pinned to this old scratchy robe.  I felt gross and disgusting and I wished that I had a robe like the Miena Robe to make me feel beautiful and comfortable.  It's made out of a soft yummy luxurious fabric that is eco-friendly and it has detachable drain pouches and belt.”

“I also remember the difficulty getting dressed post surgery.  I had what I call T-rex arms.  I couldn’t lift my arms over my head or reach behind me to tie anything.  That’s why Ana Ono has on their website the Kara Wrap Dress and the Conley Romper.  Basically you step into it and viola, you’re dressed.  I really want to be the go to brand for women at all stages of breast surgery,” she said.

 “In fact I recently had a customer contact me and ask to make a bra for women who decide to not opt for reconstructive breast surgery.  I think we are the first lingerie brand to ever design a bra for those who decide to stay breast-less and flat.  The customer asked me to please make a  bra that her husband can unhook.”

The Made for Flat bra is not the only bra Ana Ono makes.  Check out the Kiku.  This bra had its debut on the runway during New York Fashion Week and was named after sassy Jazz trumpet player and breast cancer survivor Kiku Collins, who strutted down the runway wearing it for the first time.  This super comfortable breast cancer lingerie, like all the Ana Ono bras, has no underwire. There are no side seams, and it boasts a super cute mesh accent.  It also has three-way convertible straps so you can make it straight, criss cross, or halter.  It is a great bra for any woman, even those who have never had breast cancer or breast surgery.

In fact, lingerie expert and personality, Hurray Kimmay, was seen sporting the Rachel bra complete with black lace and silky satin ribbon on her Hurray Vacay in Tulum, Mexico.  She said, “By buying and wearing Ana Ono you are allowing a brand like this to exist in the world and be there for when someone really needs it.”

The bras are so comfortable and beautiful, you do not need to have undergone surgery to wear one. What initially started as a line to fill the need for women during all stages of  breast cancer is fast evolving into a lifestyle brand.  A big growing market for Ana Ono is patients who have had breast augmentation or reduction.  What are you waiting for? Need breast cancer lingerie? Or just some new lingerie?   Check out Ana Ono and her empowering line at

  • breast cancer lingerie

    Made for Flat Bra - 1st ever bra for those who decide to not have reconstructive surgery after a double mastectomy.

  • breast cancer lingerie

    Kiku Collins breast cancer survivor wearing Kiku Bra by Ana Ono

  • breast cancer lingerie

    Hurray Kimmay never had any breast surgery but enjoys wearing Rachel bra by Ana Ono

  • breast cancer lingerie

    Hurray Kimmay has never had breast cancer but still enjoys wearing Ana Ono.