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Linda Treska, Founder & CEO of Pinch of Colour
Linda Treska, Founder and CEO Pinch of Colour, Photo by Becky Yee

Water water everywhere, but none to be found in the world’s first ever beauty line that has no water in it.  Pinch of Colour is waterless beauty.  The beauty line’s formulas are created without using any water.  The water is replaced by other ingredients that make the lipstick very concentrated and gives you a long-lasting impact of color.   

Think you are missing that hydration because it’s waterless?  Think again. Contrary to what you may believe, Linda Treska, Founder & CEO of Pinch of Colour explains, “Water is very drying for the skin.  Think about when you take a shower.  You go into the water, you come out of the shower and the first thing your body needs is the moisturizer.  That’s because water evaporates from your skin leaving it feeling very dry.“

Saving water doesn’t stop at their lipstick line. From day one, water conservation has been at the core of the brand's story.  Treska wanted to give back and be sustainable with her company.  She is also very passionate about providing clean drinking water to children in third world countries.

Before contributing any funds, Treska did a lot of research on water charities and worked with Clean Water For Children, which is mainly focused across India.  In 2016, they collaborated to create a well in Calcutta, India.  The well provides water to about 100 families and a nearby school with 150 kids.  There is even a plaque with Pinch of Colour next to the well.

For World Water Day,  Pinch of Colour joined forces with Healing Waters and The Her Initiative, giving filtration systems to countries that have water but not necessarily clean water. The water may have traces of lead in it or bacteria that could be very deadly for children.  In addition to providing clean water, they also educate women and children on sanitation and hygiene.

Aside from all the socially conscious goodness at Pinch of Color, their lipsticks are fantastic. They have 10 versatile colors that can be worn sheer or applied heavily for a more opaque look.  Their color palate and formula have a very undiluted richness and saturated pigmentation.  The classic colors magically look great on all skin tones.

We tried the matte velvet waterless lipstick in Sophia on real women bold enough to model for us when we stopped them on the streets of Wynwood.   Miami's art district's muraled walls served as a backdrop for this impromptu beauty shoot with passerbys.


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