Author Sheri-Segal Glick

The Skinny: My messy, hopeful fight for full recovery from anorexia

Ottawa, On - For fans of personal essays and memoirs that delve deep into an emotional issue with humor and refreshingly honesty, comes…  

The Skinny: My messy, hopeful fight for full recovery from anorexia (A decently comical) Memoir, written by Sheri-Segal Glick, couldn’t be more timely or relevant.  

This is not your everyday account or just another recovery memoir. Segal Glick embraces this serious topic with wit, wry humor, and raw honesty, in her powerful, personal, and unique story about surviving serious illness and being in recovery. 

*Hospitalizations for eating disorders amongst young and mid-life women jumped by more than 60% during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

Sheri, now a mother of three, was in and out of the hospital for anorexia throughout her teen years. And, like many who develop anorexia young, she was still privately battling her eating disorder decades later, unbeknownst to most of the people around her. 

Even Sheri had no idea just how unwell she still was until a relapse after the birth of her third child. 

At that point, she learned there was a term for the bleak and incredibly common place in-between illness and health that blends so seamlessly into the fabric of our fitness and diet obsessed society — quasi-recovery. 

Once Sheri accepted that she’d never fully recovered from her eating disorder, she began to understand how it had tainted everything: nights out, birthdays, weddings, vacations, hobbies, jobs, pregnancies, childbirth, motherhood. 

She’d never been fully present, and she was constantly at odds with the voice of her eating disorder inside her head.  

If she didn’t want to keep missing out on her life, she needed to recover. But were her childhood doctors right in their prognosis that full recovery was not even a possibility? 

The Skinny challenges our beliefs about diet culture, body image, and eating disorders and takes us along with Sheri in her fight to fully recover from Anorexia. Segal Glick’s personal story, written with her signature wry humor takes us to some dark and deeply personal places while embracing the moments in life where all one can do is laugh — and open a conversation — about a very serious issue, timelier than ever.

This gut-wrenching and hilarious memoir is a must-read for anyone who has been touched by eating disorders or toxic diet culture, which let’s face it, is pretty much everyone. You will be rooting for Segal Glick to find the peace she works so hard for, and surely deserves — Sarah Housser, MA, Registered Psychotherapist 

“A great resource for anyone working with people with eating disorders. This cleverly written memoir is a window into one incredible (and hilarious womans’ journey with anorexia. I cried and laughed. I could not put it down! A future mandatory read for healthcareprofessionals! — Dr. Sara Hostland, MD, CCFP-EM