A break for our eyes

Facing the challenges of an world swamped of images
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Visual industries have never had as much potential as today. With hi-tech phone cameras and easily accessible sharing platforms, it is in many ways the perfect time to be a creative and creator. However, in a world swamped with images, this can still be a challenging profession.

With dedicated technology, spaces, platforms, and networks to show our work, many of us feel like our eyes need a break.


Every day our attention is fought over by advertisers, visual creators, marketing managers, and, of course, the vast number of people on our social media. 

Because we are exposed to so many images, we do not even realize what are we seeing, we simply react to what catches and holds our attention for that specific microsecond.  This presents a challenge for visual creators--to make something that stands out in a world full of interesting things. It is important to not only be concerned with the creation itself, but also the environment that surrounds the created image.

The bigger the city, the bigger the challenge. The space in which a creation is shared should be breathable--it should be an oasis n a world filled with visual content.


Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash

A few years ago, when technology was not as available to help develop this wave of images and visual content, creating used to take a lot of time. Processes were longer and took more dedication, and people knew it. The creations had the value of time.  Days, weeks, months, and even years were spent making a single piece of art. Today, we are asked to create quickly, and our creations expire quickly. Often, it is a matter of quantity over quality.

We have overwhelmed our eyes. Looking for inspiration for visual content can end in a mental blank. Our willingness to see has been paralyzed.

We need to reeducate ourselves, to reeducate our eyes and our sight. We need to learn and become conscious about the time we spend and how we expose ourselves to this world of images. We have to learn to take breaks, to see nothing, to find those places outside or inside us that are blank. Clear. Clean. Breathable. We are able to create better if we have room to work. 

Innovating and creating inside this ever-changing environment will take us to a new level of creativity that will exhibit the limitless power of humanity to create and communicate through visual arts.

  • Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash