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Although WELUM is an online universe, we are also the proud publisher of something as nostalgic as a good old coffee table book. As a creative hub we appreciate the help we get from technology like retina, HD etc. in communicating the visuals accompanying articles, but we know that there is something magical about flipping through a well-curated book.

The exclusive Welum coffee table book is the ultimate book for insight into the world of global creativity and talent. Not only does it include fantastic pictures and text excerpts, but you can also access the full articles online by using the QR codes.

Each of the exclusive 500 copies are handmade and individually numbered. Which number will you get?

The book is made with picture protection print and covered with black canvas. A wooden, carved Welum logo with black transparent shiny coating decorates the front cover, and on the back is a wooden W with a shadow of the hand-painted sign by respected Danish artist Sara Bogh.

All the paper is eco-friendly and the book is stamped with a worldwide certification of this.

Because everything is hand-painted, each book is unique. This is indicated by the number on your own copy. No two books have the same number.

You can be the owner of this unique piece of art.

The book is also available as an E-Book - free online if you are a full subscriber for only 2.90 USD per month.

If you are not a member of the Welum Universe, you have two choices - subscribe now (mandatory for 3 months) or you can pay 9.90USD now.

You will then receive an email upon purchase of the E-book, that will give you access.

Happy reading, and welcome to our world!

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